New Albums Recap: December

The year is over, but the new music doesn’t stop coming. Here are ten albums that came out in December to round out your 2016.

Bowling for Soup

Acoustic in a Freakin English Church
Brando Records


Bowling for Soup recorded a live acoustic set at Union Church in London back in 2013. They released Acoustic in a Freakin English Church on December 19th.



Outerloop Records



Megosh released their new album on December 16th.

Aim Higher


Rise Records


Aim Higher’s new EP dropped on December 1st.

A Loss for Words


Rise Records



The new album by A Loss For Words was released on December 27th.

Nine Inch Nails

Not the Actual Events

The Null Corporation



The new album from Nine Inch Nails was released on December 23rd.


The Unreliable Narrator



Ashestoangel’s new album dropped on December 13th.



Artery Recordings



The new album from Dreamshade was released on December 9th.

The Rolling Stones

Blue and Lonesome

Interscope Records



The Rolling Stones released their new album on December 2nd.

Smile on the Sinner


Sinner Records



The new album from Smile on the Sinner was released on December 18th.

Vada Wave

Out of Body

Loud Meow



Vada Wave’s new album came out on December 9th.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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