Mosh Pit Etiquette

Mosh pits can be a beautiful thing. If you haven’t had a spiritual experience in a mosh pit, you’re probably not moshing hard enough. But they can also be pretty scary. The number of times I’ve seen a mosh pit forming and thought “So this is how I die” have been plenty. However, when a crowd works together to protect each other like family, there’s nothing (or at least significantly less) to fear. Here are some tips on mosh pit etiquette.

1. Don’t start a mosh pit alone

Mosh pits should happen naturally and organically. It’s a crowd working together. If you’re pushing people who don’t want to be pushed, you’re just being a jerk.


2. Catch people who fall

If you don’t try to catch them when they’re falling in your general direction, a few different things could happen. They could get trampled to death. They could get injured falling. A dogpile could form and they could bring a lot more people down with them. Whatever happens, it won’t be pretty, and you could have prevented it.


3. When on the outskirts of a mosh pit, guard with your forearm, not your hands

This is for your own personal safety. If you try to push people with your hands, you could break your fingers in the process. 0/10 would not recommend broken fingers.


4. Don’t intentionally punch people in the face

That’s just a dick move. Don’t do it please.


5. Protect people tying their shoes

If someone goes down and you’re near them, form a human wall and cover them. There’s not much scarier than having your shoe come untied while moshing and knowing you’ll have to bend down and not be able to protect yourself for a bit. Watch out for your fellow moshers.


6. If someone tries exiting the pit, let them leave. Don’t push them back in.

Sometimes a person seems essential to a mosh pit and you won’t want them to leave. But if they’re trying to leave, they’re probably tired or maybe they want to crowdsurf. Let them go. They’ll be back sooner or later.


7. Don’t mosh during slow songs

It’s just not appropriate. This is the point in the night when people will want a break. They’re tired. They’ve been moshing all night and they’re sweaty and bruised up. Chances are if it’s a slow song, no one else is trying to mosh, so you’re breaking the first rule too. Give it a rest for just one song, please.


8. Help the injured get out of the pit safely

Please don’t let them lie there in the midst of the danger zone. They’ll love you for it and they need the help. Do your part to watch out for others. It’s only right.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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