Emo Nite LA: San Francisco Take 3

The Emo Nite Saga continues with the January 2017 edition of Emo Nite LA: San Francisco.

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You may remember my last venture into emo territory there was a song that gave me a few too many feels for my liking. Well this night it was playing as I walked into Rickshaw Stop, and I couldn’t help but feel like it was a bad omen to an extent.

I really hate associating music with people sometimes.

But it’s Emo Nite!

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Note to self: Don’t eat a huge meal before Emo Nite. Must. Mosh. But so tired and full. Ugh.

But then…

Me in a mosh pit: I’ll just throw myself into people and bounce off them cuz I’m so light
Other people: Let’s shove this 90lb. girl full force with both hands
Outcome: I will end up 3 feet outside the pit on my ass

Safe to say I stayed away from the pit for the most part after this. I love mosh pits, but I know certain shows I feel safe doing so, and others people kinda suck. This felt a bit like the latter, although unintentionally so.

I wasn’t planning on spending any money on alcohol again, but as per usual, I ran into my friend Melissa. She bought me a cider and we spent most of the night together. She’s super sweet and I feel like we need to start going to more shows together.

The calmest place to drink seemed to be onstage, so that’s where we went. We didn’t really care that people were watching us onstage not dancing.

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At one point, the power went out, but the party absolutely did not stop. Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” had been playing, and when it was gone, the crowd erupted in singing the rest of the song together anyway. It was beautiful. A really really awesome moment.

I was wearing a Taking Back Sunday shirt, so I was pretty stoked to hear three Taking Back Sunday songs over the course of the night. I was definitely headbanging the shit out of “MakeDamnSure” onstage. Life is about a thousand times more fun when you don’t give a shit if you make an idiot of yourself.

There was a song after “MakeDamnSure” and I cannot remember what it was or what compelled me to stay onstage, but after whatever it was, they played what I can now only consider my song, “One More Sad Song.” This time I saw a guy in the crowd singing back at/with me, which was really cool, but I didn’t mind the mostly solo party I had going on.

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I honestly don’t know how long Emo Nite lasts, because I tend to duck out around midnight due to exhaustion. Also factoring in the 45 min. walk home uphill, mehhh.

The next event is in March!? That’s so soon. So much emo in so little time. I’m okay with that.


Photo Credit: Jared Stossel

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