Best Albums of 2017

Here are my favorite albums of 2017! Top 20 + 30 more honorable mentions.

20. Youth in Revolt: The Broken


19. The Mr. T Experience: King Dork Approximately


18. Goldfinger: The Knife


17. Debt Neglector: Atomicland


16. Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold

15. The Used: The Canyon


14. Big Mother Gig: Almost Primed


13. Charlatan: Remarkable


12. The Menzingers: After the Party


11. Rancid: Trouble Maker

10. Carousel Kings: Charm City


9. Tim de Vil: Beating Off the Loneliness


8. Incubus: 8


7. The Scandals: Lucky 7


6. WSTR: Red, Green, or Inbetween

5. Mt. Eddy: Chroma


4. Sleep On It: Overexposed


3. Bad Cop/Bad Cop: Warriors


2. I the Mighty: Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let It Go


1. Rise Against: Wolves


Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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