The Used at Amoeba + Masonic

The Used just released a new album, The Canyon, and kicked off their tour in celebration of it in my neck of the woods. Thursday was a small in-store signing at Amoeba Records in Berkeley with an acoustic performance, followed by Friday’s show at the Masonic in San Francisco.


The acoustic performance at Amoeba was open to the public, seeing as this is a record store and all, but you had to buy the album in order to go through the signing line.

I was shocked at how few people were there. There were maybe 20 of us crowded around the stage, but I assumed the store would be packed. It’s the friggin Used, dude. What the heck?!

Frontman Bert McCracken talked a little about the new album and how personal it is. His best friend Tregen killed himself a year ago, and Bert wrote this entire album for him. Apparently Tregen gave Bert’s first love Kate the drugs that she fatally overdosed on years and years prior, and never forgave himself for it. It’s so heartbreaking. Oh my god.

Bert told us we need to listen to the album front to back, which I really appreciated because that’s the way albums are meant to be listened to.






Then Bert and guitarist Justin Shekoski played a few songs. It was a short set, but a good one, all new songs.

For You

Over and Over Again

About You

“About You” was so POWERFUL and heartwrenching, and it’s so good to see Bert continue to kill it. Holy shit.

Then they had the signing. The whole band came out to sign our things. They gave us posters for free, and they signed both that and my CD. Bert let me get a selfie with him and he said it was beautiful. He was so sweet and I was so awkward, and that’s basically the story of my life.



Glassjaw’s opening for The Used on this tour, and I really don’t like Glassjaw. I saw them enough times when they opened for Coheed back in early 2016. I attempted to get to the venue late enough to not have to see them, but I got there just a bit too early and had to watch a few songs.

Luckily, one of the songs I caught was the only Glassjaw song I like, “Ape Dos Mil.”

They played maybe one or two more songs after that, and then their set was over. There was a mass exodus of Glassholes from the pit before The Used came out, so I was able to get a good spot in the pit pretty easily. Bert fanboyed over them onstage. He would.

Take It Away

Bird and the Worm

Box Full of Sharp Objects

Over and Over Again

While Bert and Justin played this song acoustic the night before, this was the song’s live debut with the full band.

All That I’ve Got

Taste of Ink

Rise Up Lights

This was another live debut, and I seriously dug it. New Used is heavy.


Sound Effects and Overdramatics

This is one of my all-time favorite Used songs. I love that I got to see it live again. They said they were playing a pretty heavy set because Glassjaw’s opening. I guess that makes sense, and I’m not complaining there.

About You


Pretty Handsome Awkward

I’m a Fake

For You

The final live debut of the night. I guess they didn’t play a whole lot from the new album, did they? Four new songs total, mostly older songs we all knew. I’m totally fine with that.

Maybe Memories

I just love them.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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