You [Don’t] Know Me: #121 Hold My Beer

This week’s free episode:

Shawn Harris is creating music and a podcast about creating music.

#121: Hold My Beer

Y[D]KM Patreon subscriptions have been PAUSED for 2 to 3 months while Shawn completes a large project that leaves no time for him to podcast daily. On this episode, Shawn cajoles Tim de Vil into stepping in as interim host of the free Monday shows in Shawn’s absence, to keep the show going. During these months, Patrons WILL NOT BE CHARGED. Shawn WILL be back, but in the meantime, enjoy your new host Tim de Vil, free on Mondays, right where you always listen to this podcast.


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#117: Somebody Else’s Pee

A jam is happening. Progress is being made. Pancakes are eaten [in epic fashion]. Then somebody pees on Shawn’s floor.

#118: The Tao of Poo

Sometimes the literal shit happens. Shawn talks compost and tries to get quoted himself before misquoting others. Do not eat lunch while listening to this episode.

#119: Visitors’ Dugout

Shawn tries to keep the heart and exclude the cheese by narrowing his audience. The Vistitors’ Dugout demo progresses.

#120: Incompatible

John Lennon wrote a song about a bad relationship [Girl]. Shawn writes a song using the same chords, about a worse one. 


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