You [Don’t] Know Me: #111 Bottom Sheet

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Shawn Harris is creating music and a podcast about creating music.

#111: Bottom Sheet

Shawn posts a dispatch from the road with a snippet of a song idea, a story about Bowie and Lennon in a cockfight, and a desperate plea to learn how to fold the damn elastic bottom sheet.


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#107: Incantation

Some would call this a meditation, but we’re just muckin’ about. Right? Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, select, start.

#108: Music Videos

Tim de Vil is re-finishing a music video that he’s putting out, revised, for the second time. Shawn is finishing a music video from the St. Ranger album he put out a year ago today, actually. If you’re a musician, you might be surprised to find yourself nearly always starting or trying to finish a music video. Don’t be. Tim and Shawn talk about music video how-to’s, and how-not-to’s.

#109: The Soft Machine

To aptly sympathize with his overworked computer processor which is diligently rendering a music video export, Shawn attempts to read 5 different books at once.

#110: Get Up/Youtube

Get up, make a cup, ignore your dreams. Shawn messes about with a new song and then Hatrack hijacks the operation.


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