Top 50 Albums of 2016

I’ll be completely honest, #11-50 are numbered a little arbitrarily. It’s more of a Top 10 + 40 more albums I liked from 2016. Basically it’s just a list of 50 good albums that came out in the past year. Of course there was a lot more than this, but here were some of my favorites. Enjoy my varied tastes.

10. Guttermouth: Got It Made / New Car Smell

9. Billy Talent: Afraid of Heights

8. Hail the Sun: Culture Scars

7. Dog Party: Til You’re Mine

6. Sleep On It: Lost Along the Way

5. SWMRS: Drive North

4. Taking Back Sunday: Tidal Wave

3. St. Ranger: Leaves LA / Take/Leave

2. Blink 182: California

1. Green Day: Revolution Radio

11. Bayside: Vacancy

12. Against Me!:  Shape Shift With Me

13. The Living End: Shift

14. The Descendents: Hypercaffium Spazzinate

15. Waterparks: Cluster / Double Dare

16. The Interrupters: Say It Out Loud

17. letlive.: If I’m the Devil

18. A Day to Remember: Bad Vibrations

19. NOFX: First Ditch Effort

20. Jimmy Eat World: Integrity Blues

21. Thank You Scientist: Stranger Heads Prevail

22. The Dear Hunter: Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional

23. Pixies: Head Carrier

24. Weezer: White Album

25. Bouncing Souls: Simplicity

26. PUP: The Dream Is Over

27. With Confidence: Better Weather

28. Megosh: Apostasy

29. Issues: Headspace

30. Saosin: Along the Shadow

31. Third Eye Blind: We Are Drugs

32. Yellowcard: self-titled

33. The Summer Set: Stories for Monday

34. Sianvar: Stay Lost

35. Dirty Heads: self-titled

36. Burn it Up: Toys

37. Panic! at the Disco: Death of a Bachelor

38. Joyce Manor: Cody

39. Pierce the Veil: Misadventures

40. Amarionette: Repeating History

41. Dayshell: Nexus

42. Two Tongues: Two

43. Demon in Me: Here’s Your Way Out

44. Can’t Swim: Death Deserves a Name

45. The Flatliners: Nerves

46. A Loss for Words: Crises

47. Failing Street: Don’t Worry About the Weather

48. Sum 41: 13 Voices

49. Good Charlotte: Youth Authority

50. Simple Plan: Taking One for the Team

And then I have my four honorary mentions, which didn’t feel right including with the rest of the list simply because they aren’t new enough. These are live albums, demo albums, reimagined albums, and albums that do all of the above.

Fifty-four albums is a bit ridiculous to make a playlist from, so this isn’t nearly all of them. But it’s enough.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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