New I the Mighty: “Andrew’s Song (reimagined)”

It’s pretty rare for a song to make me legit cry. And this one did before I even got to the “reimagined” part, because I already knew the ending of the song had changed. I the Mighty frontman Brent Walsh wrote “Andrew’s Song” for an at-the-time ex-girlfriend Sam, who he very recently got back together with. So all of a sudden the song now has a happy ending. And it’s beautiful. Both the song and the real life happy ending.

This new song is part of a 5-track EP called Oil in Water that will be released on September 2nd. It takes a new spin on songs off their 2015 album Connector.

I the Mighty is heading off on their second ever headlining tour this September/October with Dayshell, Artifex Pereo, and Picturesque. VIP tickets to any of these shows include a download of Oil in Water on its release date.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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