New Albums Recap: September 2017

A lot of new albums dropped in September. My list was getting to be 30+ long and that became overwhelming, so I cut it down for you. Here are ten of September’s new releases to check out!

Foo Fighters

Concrete and Gold



The latest from Foo Fighters was released on September 15th.

Circa Survive

The Amulet

Hopeless Records



Circa Survive’s new album dropped on September 22nd.

Sleeping with Sirens


Warner Bros.


Sleeping with Sirens released their new album on September 22nd.


The Movielife

Cities in Search of a Heart

Rise Records



The Movielife finally returned to the scene with a new album on September 22nd.

Frank Iero and the Patience

Keep the Coffins Coming

BMG/Vagrant Records



The latest album from Frank Iero and the Patience was released on September 22nd.


Partied Out

Panic State Records


Latewaves dropped their new album on September 22nd. (Jeez are they all the 22nd?)

Racquet Club

Racquet Club (self-titled)

Rise Records



Racquet Club dropped their self-titled album on September 29th. (Oh good, a different date.)

Bright Green

That’s Heaven Behind Me

Bright Green Music



Bright Green’s new EP dropped on the first of the month.

Life Lessons

Best When in Motion

You Did This / Triple Crown Records



Life Lessons released their new EP on September 8th.

High Wire

Different Places

High Wire



High Wire’s new EP dropped on September 8th.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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