Mt. Eddy at 924 Gilman

Mt. Eddy is the new name of Jakob Danger Armstrong’s band. They released their first album under Mt. Eddy, Chroma, earlier this year. Of course, it’s Jakob Danger, so he’s headlining at 924 Gilman, where his dad got his start.

I missed the first band, Peachy, but it was a full lineup. Still plenty of bands to catch.


I really liked these guys. Couldn’t even tell you why, but they were fun.


One of the guys in the band is moving, therefore leaving the band, so this was the last show they were playing altogether for a while—or ever?

So they DESTROYED THEIR INSTRUMENTS. I’ve never seen this happen in real life before. And honestly it kinda hurt my heart a little bit. What did your instruments do to you?! All they did was love you!

Heard behind me: “Did their parents pay for those?”

The Unending Thread

Destroy Boys

Destroy Boys were led by two girls, and it seemed to be their band. I love that.

They tried to get the entire packed venue into a circle pit. They tried really hard, and we made an attempt, but I kinda got trampled in it. Whoops. There is a such thing as too many people in a circle pit, it turns out. At least people tried to pick me back up after the fact, so small victories.

They were pretty good. I enjoyed them. And I love badass females in punk bands, so I’d see them again if given the chance.

Mt. Eddy

Oh, my heart. I remember Jakob being a tiny little baby. And now here he is, commanding the stage at 924 Gilman just like his dad. Oh my god. I’m so freaking proud of him.

As if my heart could handle anything as is, then he covered Rancid’s “Ruby Soho.” Rancid got their start here, too. And that’s another band I adore. I can’t even, this is too perfect, and full circle.

I was filming “Ruby Soho” when all of a sudden my phone gave me a notification that Billie was livestreaming on Instagram. No…

Yes. Billie was livestreaming the EXACT SAME THING I had just been filming. He was THERE.


Picture me, a Green Day fanatic, upon finding out that Billie Joe Armstrong is in the same tiny venue as me.

And then picture me running laps around the room like a madwoman trying to find him.

Spoilers: I did not.


I found out the next day that he was hiding in the sound booth. He didn’t want to be found. Well then.

Anyway, back to Jakob.

His voice is so deep. I don’t expect that from him.

There was kinda a crazy pit. I love how many people know and love his music. I was also a little surprised at myself for how much of his music I knew.

I’m honestly a fan. It’s weird, though, because I remember him as a baby and he’s grown up so much. It blows my mind to see him literally in his dad’s shoes. It’s amazing. It gives me so many feels. Ugh. Love it.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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