Green Day with Catfish and the Bottlemen

The final US tour for Green Day’s Revolution Radio was Fall 2017 with Catfish and the Bottlemen, with a final show on my 25th birthday. It’s sad the era is coming to an end, but it’s been a great run, and I’m beyond ready to go out with a bang. I had planned on going to three shows: Oakland, Tampa, and the final show in LA at the Rose Bowl on my birthday. Of course, things never go as planned. But it’s generally a good thing.


Well… Things not going as planned in Oakland was not a good thing.

My friend Biz was in San Francisco visiting me from Jersey. I had told him a few weeks before he came that Green Day’s hometown show fell during that week, and I was glad to hear that he wanted to come with me. I didn’t think he would, because I am absolutely crazy about this band, and he is not. He likes them enough, I guess. (He also went to see Taking Back Sunday with me.)

I found a friend in LA with two tickets for sale, no longer being able to make it to Oakland himself. Biz bought both, thinking he’d sell the extra to a friend from NYC who also happened to be coming to San Francisco that weekend.

Cade (the friend with the tickets) paid extra to send the tickets next day priority. USPS failed us and the tickets didn’t show up on time. In fact… they didn’t show up until after doors had opened to the show.

Now, you know me, and you know I’m not gonna let USPS get in the way of my Green Day Day.

And now that I’ve foreshadowed enough, let’s backtrack a bit.

In the days leading up to the Oakland show, Green Day was taking over the Bay. A lot of Idiots from all over came to town for the show. On Thursday, there was a Green Day pop-up at 1234Go! Records in Oakland. I spent wayyyy too much money there. It was beautiful.







The Drunk Bunny was there, so I got a selfie.


Green Day’s coffee company Oakland Coffee was also there giving out free samples to everyone in line. It was wonderful.


Then on Friday, I went to yet another showing of Turn It Around. It’s a good movie. I’m such a nerd about the 90’s Gilman scene, so of course I had to see it again. There was a Q&A after the showing, and Michelle Cruz Gonzales was one of the people onstage. She’s so sweet, I love her.


Day of the show, I got to the venue at 8am with Marnie, because despite having a friend in from out of town, it’s Green Day and I still want to be on the barricade. I told Biz to try to get there by 2pm, and to bring a pizza because we’ll be starving by then.



There were two lines to get in the gate to the venue. Marnie and I somehow managed to pick the shorter line, leading from the Bart station. The line near where the cars park was significantly longer, and we knew people who had gotten there at 3am. Things were working out very well for us it seemed.

There were two girls behind us in line who left to go shower in morning, so we borrowed the blanket they left and napped for an hour. I woke up with very sunburned legs. Whoops.

After our nap, we might have been slowly losing our minds, because we saw a mattress submerged in sludge and watched it sink as a form of entertainment.

20799247_10210025054567627_4118310382365326560_n     20729424_10210025054447624_9077929856610501531_n

Yes. We actually watched this grossness happen.

Then there were these guys entertaining themselves with a water bottle. You do what you gotta do.

Marnie: “Billie Joe’s just a little nugget. I could fit him in my purse. That’s why they don’t want you to bring a bag bigger than 14 inches, cuz you could put him in it.”

Eventually (at noon) the gates to Oakland Coliseum were opened, and each line from the gate ran to their own line into the venue.

Key word: ran.

I was not happy about it.

“This is why we can’t have nice things! This fandom sucks! I hate all of you!”

Some people behind us in the first line did manage to get in front of us at the entrance. Luckily, there were five separate lines into the venue, and we were third and fourth in our line. The two people ahead of us knew we had been there longer, so they promised to make sure we got barricade before they did.

The mail normally runs by my place at 1pm, so I had Biz checking. When he said it didn’t show, I hauled ass to the box office to get it fixed myself.

Oakland Coffee had a table set up on the way to the box office. Apparently I was one of the first hundred people to walk by, because I got a free hat. Sweet!

I also passed some merch tables on the way. It was weird seeing them set up outside the venue, but whatever. Oh my poor wallet. It was in pain just looking at all the new merch. I wanted ALL of it. But alas, left with none of it. I spent too much money at the pop-up at 1234Go!

Eventually I was able to pull myself away from merch and go try to convince the box office to print out tickets for me that didn’t have my name on them. It was kind of hell, and it took until 3:30 to finally get it done, but tickets were in my hand. I sent Biz a picture of them and told him to get there. He said he was 20 minutes away. I was honestly a little surprised he didn’t already head over when I said I’d deal with the tickets myself, but whatever.

Since he still hadn’t left yet, I was sans pizza, so I had to go find a hot dog salesman at the Bart station. It wasn’t bad. I’m sure those guys make BANK.

An hour passed and still no sign of Biz. Where was that boy? I asked him and he said he was still 20 minutes away.

More time passed, and then all of a sudden, Tre Cool and his wife Sara rode past the line on motorcycles. That was pretty epic and very unexpected.

A guy in the next line over was spouting off Green Day facts. Marnie and I were rolling our eyes because we knew all of it. I don’t even know how I know these things, but I do. And for some reason, hearing someone just spout things off as if he’s better than everyone else for knowing is just the utmost annoying thing that could happen as we’re already stressed about the race to the barricade looming over us.

At 5:10 I finally called Biz to ask if he was lost. This time he says the train is 20 minutes away. Doors are at 5:30 and I’d been there since 8am. I was not giving up my barricade spot I’d waited for all day because he couldn’t either A) show up on time when I’d been bothering him about it all day, or B) at least tell me he wasn’t gonna make it so I could have tried to figure out something else for him. I was mad, and he could tell, so before we even hung up the phone he was already apologizing profusely.

It was too close to doors now to do anything. Tickets are in my pocket, he’s not getting in.

5:30. Go time.

This is always the most stressful part.

The wands security was using to scan us weren’t charged. Our side was so worried about too many people being let in on the other side of the venue, but we found out later that they were struggling just as much. It was just anxiety all around trying to get into that show.

The people in front of Marnie and I in line let us past them so we were able to secure amazing spots on the barricade, Mike’s side.



Still angry at being blown off, I sent Biz a Snapchat of my middle finger and the spot I waited all day in line for. Was that a bitch move? Probably.

I was so mad that I stayed mad not just through Catfish and the Bottlemen’s whole set, but I was even too angry to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” when the time came. Ugh.

One of the first things we noticed upon landing those awesome barricade spots were the security guys. Namely, that they were tiny. We were fearing for our lives. They looked way too small to catch crowdsurfers. We’ll see how this goes.

Another thing we noticed: The photo passes had the puppets on them. I know the girl who made the band those puppets. I absolutely love just how into things they get, that FANS made for them. It’s really heartwarming. They love us and appreciate us just as much as we love and appreciate them.


And here’s this guy climbing a ladder. Terrifying.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were pretty good. I wouldn’t call them amazing, but I liked them enough. I also knew more of their music than I thought I did.

Marnie: “He’s cute over there, then he gets closer and I’m like no, go back.”
Me: “Catfish!”

Worst. Joke(/Realization?) Ever.

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Drunk Bunny + the Ramones, and IT’S TIME.

Know Your Enemy

Can we please stop opening with this song already? I understand they like opening with a song they can pull a fan onstage for, but even from 21st Century Breakdown, I would much rather see “East Jesus Nowhere” than “Know Your Enemy.” I really don’t think it’s one of their best. It’s popular, I guess, but I can’t help but roll my eyes a little when it’s still the opening song. I thought “Bang Bang” was a killer opening song. I’m surprised they changed it.

Bang Bang

Revolution Radio



Boulevard of Broken Dreams


The girl Billie chose to sing “Longview” was awesome. She killed it.


Gotta love being in Oakland and screaming “FUCK YOU I’M FROM OAKLAND.” Billie talked a lot during this show about being home. I love it. And I love that this is my home, too.

Ya know you’ve seen a band too many times when you can tell exactly what song they’re intro-ing.

2000 Lightyears Away

This has been the song this tour that Billie brings out a giant water gun for. The young girl next to me got water blasted in the face SO BAD. Billie was visibly laughing at her specifically while spraying her.

Hitchin’ a Ride

Marnie and I started the “1, 2, 1 2 3 4″s way before Billie told us to.

Me: “Billie, you’re not listening to us!”

When I Come Around

Welcome to Paradise

Mike’s solo in this song… Ugh. So good.


Are We the Waiting

St. Jimmy


That young girl next to me who got water blasted in the face was not next to me when the show started. She elbowed her way up there. So her elbows were in my ribs all night. So when Billie was walking around looking for someone to come play guitar onstage during [Operation Ivy cover] “Knowledge,” I was totally on board with her getting picked to play. Somehow, amazingly, she did! And she was actually really good.

After the show, I had at least three or four messages from friends also at the show telling me they saw me on the big screens.

For all I know, I might’ve shown up more than once, but I definitely know I graced the screens making these lovely faces during “Knowledge.”



Billie going under Mike’s legs is one of my favorite things ever. So cute. They are #goals.


I identified with this song so much for some reason during this show. I couldn’t figure out why, but there were some feels.

King for a Day

Are we still doing “King for a Day”? Yeah? Okay.

Still Breathing

I thiiiiink Marnie might have cried. I don’t blame her.

Forever Now

And here’s the song that made me almost cry. Quite possibly my new favorite Green Day song, like ever.

American Idiot

I guess the boys were cutting it close to curfew and the venue expected them to cut it short. They did not.

Billie: “Fuck the curfew!”

Jesus of Suburbia

21 Guns

Billie comes onstage with his acoustic guitar, and I’m expecting “Ordinary World.” Then he says he might need some help with this one, and then he starts playing an acoustic “21 Guns.” This is the first time I’ve seen this song IN YEARS if ever. ALL THE FEELS. I’M SO HAPPY I LOVE IT.

Of course, Billie wasn’t lying, and did forget a good chunk of the lyrics, but that just made it all the more cute. This song made my night for sure.

Good Riddance

A show this size, they wouldn’t close with anything other than “Good Riddance.” Of course there was confetti. It was skinnier than it was during the last tour, though. What I was not expecting, however: FIREWORKS. This was an outdoor venue, a friggin football field, so there had to be fireworks. It was amazing. I had trouble seeing them from where I was on the barricade, but it’s still a magical thing.

I freaking love this band. It was a good night even though I pretty much spent it mad at my best guy friend for blowing me off. I didn’t want to go home too mad at him, so I stayed in Oakland with my Idiot friends for a few hours after the show ended. Marnie apparently was recording a lot of the show with her Snapchat glasses from inside her purse. She had a lot of dark videos of the boys playing that she did not intend to take.

The way this venue was set up is that…it’s two venues in one. There’s the football stadium, Oakland Coliseum, where Green Day played, and an indoor venue, Oracle Arena, where another show was happening at the same time. We quickly realized that this must have been why Green Day was given a curfew. They didn’t want the two events to end at the same time.

“Fuck the curfew” means they did. Whoops. Imagine 80,000 people leaving the venue at one time. It was fun.

The show at Oracle was some kind of latin event, and every girl we saw wore high heels and tight dresses. One of my Idiots, Shar, saw a few of the girls and thought they were prostitutes until Marnie and I told her otherwise.

Marnie, however, was making bets that if she had a dollar for every barefoot girl we saw, she could afford one of the super nice Green Day Otis jackets from the merch table. She said this after we had seen only 2 girls barefoot, mind you. She eventually was up to $7, but still definitely not enough for an Otis jacket.

We tried to find food, but traffic was terrible, there were too many people leaving the venue at the same time, and the only restaurants walkable were packed, because, well, too many people leaving the venue at the same time.

I didn’t want to tell Biz how great it was when I made it home because honestly I felt bad that he wasn’t there and missed it, and I didn’t want to make it worse. I found out later he got to the venue around 8:30pm and heard “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” playing. I was (unfortunately) right and he wasn’t able to get in the venue without the physical tickets I had already had printed, so apparently he spent a while sitting outside with a random crying girl waiting on her boyfriend to leave the show and come find her. He’s a good dude. I didn’t stay mad at him too long.

Orange Beach, Alabama—9/6/17

Second change of plans: The day before the Tampa show was a show in Orange Beach, Alabama, at the Wharf Amphitheater. A COTF friend from the internet, Katie, lives about a half hour from there, and when the show was announced, she told me I should come visit her there. I adore this girl and had never met her in person before, so I decided to go see her rather than go to Tampa.

This was the smallest show of the whole tour. The venue held only 9000 people, as compared to the 20,000+ at many of the venues. We were able to get there after doors had already opened, yet still ended up in about the 5th row or so. It was crazy small and calm.

I like small shows the best, though, cuz it’s easier to see everything going on. Big shows can be…too big. If you’re not close enough to the stage, that is, and in my experience it’s not generally easy to be close without putting in the effort.

Katie and I came in through the wrong entrance to the venue and had to walk all the way around. It was very confusing. We had to go through security multiple times as well, because we couldn’t find the floor entrance.

Eventually we made it.



We were both pretty unenthused about Catfish and the Bottlemen. They’re not bad, they’re fairly talented. But they just kinda bored us. Katie compared them to a fictional British movie band.

Katie: “They sound made up.”

Rather than cheer after every song, we made “meh” noises.

When “Bohemian Rhapsody” started, I explained how I hate that this made news. Has anyone else seen that story about some show on the European tour over the summer where everyone in the crowd was singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” before Green Day came on? I got tagged in it on Facebook about 6472957438 times. But that’s not newsworthy! It happens at every single Green Day show!

For some perspective I guess, Katie said this was the biggest group of people singing this song that she’d ever been a part of. It IS a cool tradition, and I do love it. But I wish more people would recognize that it is tradition, and not just a “one time this cool thing happened,” ya know?

Then the newly sober Drunk Bunny came out and danced for us. If memory serves me right, I remember him with a beer bottle, but ever since Billie got out of rehab, he hasn’t been a drunk Drunk Bunny. I’m still gonna call him that, though.

Know Your Enemy

Aaaaand they’re still opening with this.

Billie picked a young girl to sing onstage with him, but she didn’t know the words. There’s really only three words you have to know in order to sing this song with the band: “Gimme, gimme revolution.” Really it’s only two words. But Billie got fed up rather quickly when she couldn’t even get the “oh ay oh ay” part right, so he picked someone else.

That was beautiful. I loved it. I love seeing Billie have feelings, regardless what they are. Angry the sound isn’t working? I love it. Singing an emotional song and crying? Love it. Fed up that someone doesn’t know the words to a song? Love. It.

Katie was telling me to run toward the stage when he was picking a second person, but if I were to go onstage and sing, I would want it to be for “Longview.” Also I’m seeing them play ON MY BIRTHDAY, so that would be the absolute coolest present ever, singing onstage with my favorite band. So I’m waiting it out.

The new person he picked did a good job, though. This one even sang Billie’s parts, which was cool.

Bang Bang

It’s pit time. I ran off in search of somewhere to dance and mosh, and Katie told me she’d follow. Naturally I lost her for about nine songs. Of course. Jeez.

There was a bit of a pit, but it kept dying. Merp merp.

Revolution Radio

So Alabama is HOT. These are all outdoor venues this tour, remember. I noticed during “Revolution Radio” that there was a pit when I wanted one, and no pit when I needed to catch my breath. I was breathing soup out here, so that was often. No bueno.


He changed the lyric from “Anaheim” to “Alabama,” but that’s nothing new.


Because this show was fairly calm, I decided to take some more videos than I normally would if I were on the barricade. So I recorded a bit of the speech Billie makes during “Letterbomb,” as well as him telling us to put our cameras down.

Me: “I’ve seen this a dozen times already. I’m good.”

The guy in front of me was holding up a book with a photo of Billie Joe from when he recorded “Look for Love” as a child. So cute.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Billie: “We’re changing the lyric to ‘Fuck you, I’m from Alabama.'”

Of course when the time came in the song, I still sang Oakland. Fuck you, I AM from Oakland!

2000 Lightyears Away

That water blaster felt hella good. It was definitely needed. Way too hot there, holy shit.

Hitchin’ a Ride

Katie finally found me! I saw her and screamed, gave her a hug, and told her I was looking for her blue hair, but she’s short, so I couldn’t find her.

There are some fire explosions during “Hitchin’ a Ride.” It was WAY TOO HOT for that in Bama. Bring back the water instead, please! How do these guys deal with this every night? And still manage to have so much energy? I’m dying and I’m only in the crowd!

When I Come Around

I have seen this band far too many times. The intro into “When I Come Around” should give the average fan no indication of what song they’re about to play. But it’s really obvious to me. This is show 18 for me, after all.

Welcome to Paradise

This is one of Katie’s favorites.

I think this was probably when I overheard a girl telling her friend she thought maybe this was the encore. I laughed. They play for two hours.

Her: “Have you seen the setlist?”
Me: “I’ve seen the show about 17 times.”

Are We the Waiting
St. Jimmy

There was a pretty good pit going for “St. Jimmy.”



He tends to pick children, or at least teenagers, but this guy said he’d been playing guitar since ’77. HE KILLED IT. HE WAS SO GOOD. I was just in shock the entire time, but it was amazing.


This is another of Katie’s favorite songs.

King for a Day

I tried to video call my friend Beffy, who HATES “King for a Day.” She was smart and didn’t answer. I’m sure she knew what I was doing. So instead I recorded a bit of it and tagged her in it on Facebook. She’ll be forced to see it one way or another.

A girl I knew from the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, Jordan, was in the front row. Apparently the boa Billie had onstage was hers. Woo! Go Jordan!

When he gets on the ground after(/during?) “Shout,” if I’m not on the barricade, I also get on the ground. No one around me in the pit followed my lead this time, though. Instead they were asking me if I was okay and needed help up.

Me: “It’s nap time. I get up when he does.”

Still Breathing

I loooooove the fire raining down during “Still Breathing.” And I love the vest Billie always comes out wearing for it. I feel like a fan made it for him? I honestly don’t remember why I think that, but I do. I dunno, it just makes me happy and it’s cute.

Forever Now

This show was so calm that I was finally able to record this song. It’s my favorite.

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia

Apparently Katie does not like this song. There is little else in the world I love more than American Idiot, so I don’t get it, but whatever. But she was also dehydrated and tired. She didn’t realize how long the set would be. Oh well.

There was a tiny teenage girl crowdsurfing, who I later found out is named Noah. She was sweet and I added her on Facebook after the show ended.

Toward the end of the song during the buildup toward the explosion of “HOME,” I do this weird thing in the pit where I’m kinda opening it up, but like shaking my hands in the middle of the circle. A few people followed me but some were very confused.

Dude: “What the fuck are we doing?”

You know you’ve been in too many weird mosh pits when… [it comes as second nature to have some strange tradition before everyone dives into the center of the pit simultaneously.]

Good Riddance

I was very upset he didn’t play “21 Guns” this time. Rude. But there was confetti and cuteness, and I held hands with the people around me. So much cute.



After the show, I talked to a few of the other fans in the crowd who I’d more or less moshed with that night, while Katie was watching me like a proud mama. This is where I thrive, and I’m pretty sure that’s what she was thinking. She’s so great. I love her. I’m really glad we got to do this together.

We went to Waffle House after we finally got out of the parking lot, because this is the south, and Waffle House is the place to be post-show. Unfortunately, there were only like two people working (I mean… it is Waffle House) and we got completely ignored the entire time we were there, so we finally just gave up and left.

My flight back to San Francisco was early the next morning, so she drove me to the airport to sleep for the night. Til the next one.

Chula Vista, CA—9/13/17

Change of plans #3: My Idiot friend from Australia, Cheryl, was coming to the States for my birthday/the Rose Bowl show. She decided fairly close to the last minute that if she was coming all the way to the USA, she might as well be going to more than one show. So she bought me a ticket for the Chula Vista (basically San Diego) show at the Mattress Firm Amphitheater a few nights before the Rose Bowl.


Then let’s make this even better: She’s coming all the way from Australia and she’s not doing that just to spend two full days in line. So she also bought us VIP tickets. For both shows. Cheryl is literally the greatest person ever and I don’t understand how I got so lucky to have someone spoil me as much as she does. Holy crap I love this woman and cannot thank her enough for EVERYTHING she did for my Epic Birthday Week.

We spent the day at Seaport in Dan Diego before getting to the venue around 3:30.


We weren’t sure how parking worked because the lot didn’t open until 4, but we had to check in for VIP at 3:45 to get our merch.

They let us park in a free lot directly across from the VIP entrance. Dude.

21559015_10210277875287987_2451903325523051353_n     21751954_10210277881408140_2433023709526070191_n

The guy who ran the VIP was named Ben, and he remembered Cheryl from the last tour earlier this year because she’s like…the only Australian.

Ben gave us bags of merch and I ran them to my car. Then we got to sit in a lounge for like an hour before heading into the venue. They gave us drink tickets, so I got a Twisted Tea (which wasn’t bad. I’d never had one before) and took a shit ton of pictures of everything in the lounge, which included some legit Green Day instruments. Sweet.

21686023_10210277876528018_8919899311091510191_n     21616267_10210277876648021_4991733205067960957_n (1)

21616477_10210277878008055_2688890735740907873_n     21617725_10210277877968054_1693617962107026689_n

21616039_10210277877648046_3554670562748185574_n     21617480_10210277879128083_6635629167442056782_n

21617673_10210277878568069_4966345510208897737_n     21751485_10210277879288087_8525364988987719053_n



I had a boa with me this time, because I was taking a page out of Jordan’s book. I wanted to be the one to give Billie something to play with at this show.

21687806_10210277874967979_6734608561762091913_n     21685923_10210277879088082_9177915856089057473_n

Everyone with VIP went in the venue first, but naturally, I still had all my same pre-Green Day show jitters and anxiety. We were GUARANTEED barricade, so there was absolutely no reason to feel that way, but it comes with knowing it’s Green Day time I think.


There was no catwalk at this show, which was different considering it was still a BIG SHOW unlike Alabama was.

We befriended the people next to and behind us. The guy behind Cheryl REALLY wanted a guitar pick, so I told him if I got one from Mike he could have it because I already have two of my own. We ended up ALL getting picks throughout the show, though, so I was able to keep mine. He dove for his though, so he kinda crushed Cheryl in the process. Oi.


The girl on the other side of me kept jumping up and down constantly before Catfish and the Bottlemen even came onstage. It was quite annoying.

But she was super into Catfish and the Bottlemen. I have to appreciate hardcore fans, and she was louder than the band even was, so we all tried to get her a setlist when they finished. We were unsuccessful.

The sound sucked.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” was weirdly quiet. Ugh.

And then it was even bad when Green Day hit the stage. I love those mini flashes of anger on Billie’s face when he knows we can’t hear him. It’s so subtle, but it’s there. I just love him.

Unfortunately, the girl next to me and her boyfriend continued to annoy me through most of the show. I was hoping it would be better once Catfish and the Bottlemen finished, but I was wrong. The two of them were digging into my ribs all night BAD. At one point she takes a step back and I can finally breathe.

Cue me spreading out just a bit, but it was enough to keep her from coming back.

Me: “I suggest not moving. There’s no space.”
Her: “I was one of the first people here.”
Me: “So was I. So if you get back on the barricade, I suggest not moving.”

Was that bitchy? You have to hold your own to survive. It’s a bloodbath on the barricade.

I was so squished during this show that my utility belt got turned completely sideways. This is a thing that is connected to the front of my shorts. HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN.

I couldn’t even get my arm on the inside of the barricade to make an attempt to fix it, but I tried. That’s when I found out that Green Day’s head of security, Arturo, remembers me. He asked if I was alright, then laughed at me as he walked away.

I made it.

My favorite moment of the show: Billie trying to kiss Mike and sticking his tongue out at him for it. I LOVE THEM. They have such a cute friendship and it shows. It’s the best.

Know Your Enemy
Bang Bang

Revolution Radio

That little speech Billie makes in the middle of “Letterbomb”… He is SO quoting Operation Ivy. I’m sure I heard lines from “Unity” and “The Crowd.” Maybe only one of them was during this song, but still. My god. I made fun of him because I was sure less than half of the audience even knew those songs.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


“Are any of you old school Green Day fans?”


He changed it to “Fuck you, I’m from California” this time.

Me: “I guess I’m okay with that.”

2000 Lightyears Away
Armatage Shanks

Billie: “This song is called ‘Armatage Shanks.'”

I have seen this song live before, but it’s hardly ever on the setlist. So I was EXCITED. OH MY GOD ARMATAGE SHANKS WHAT.

Hitchin’ a Ride
When I Come Around

Welcome to Paradise

Are We the Waiting
St. Jimmy

Here’s a weird thing: “Basketcase” was the song that made me emotional at this show. For absolutely no reason. Oh, Lindsay.


King for a Day

He took my boa! Yayyyy!



I threw it toward the stage very unsuccessfully. Their photographer, Greg (#shutupGreg), saw and helped me get it to him. He made sure he saw it. It was really sweet.

Still Breathing
Forever Now

American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Billie came back out with that acoustic guitar, and this time instead of “21 Guns” or diving straight into “Good Riddance,” he plays those first few notes of “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”


I really hope Billie didn’t hear me scream that. Whoops. Or I guess I hope he at least knew I was screaming because I was not prepared for the feels that song was about to give me.

Green Day’s head of security, Arturo, laughed at all of us in the front row crying. Eh, whatever. It’s a song meant for crying.

Good Riddance

“Good Riddance” has never been one of my favorite songs, but that confetti at the end, and all the emotions flying through the air… Ugh. So good.

The security guy in front of our little section was named Alex. He did a great job, so we made sure to thank him before we left. Cheryl bought a mini stuffed drunk bunny to bring with us on the rest of our adventures for my Epic Birthday Week—Disney and Universal were both on the to-do list.




Rose Bowl (LA, CA)—9/16/17

Change of plans #4: Sooo, uh, I got a job. With Oakland Coffee. Ya know, Green Day’s coffee company?


Yeah. That would be me in the front.

I had Cheryl sell my VIP ticket, because I no longer needed it. I helped man a table outside the Rose Bowl advertising the coffee, just like they did at 1234Go! a few weeks ago. Jeez. Is this really my life? Best birthday ever.

Let’s just say I was elsewhere in the Rose Bowl during Catfish and the Bottlemen this time. I heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” start and RAN.

The way it was set up, there was a huge amount of open space to the right of the stage that no one was filling in. Obviously everyone wanted to be more in front of the stage, but like in Oakland, this is a football field. I ran down and came in on the right side, so I had all that open space to work with.

I came in through the second row. Why the hell not. “Bohemian Rhapsody” IS PLAYING and I’m working my way through the second row to see if I can find Cheryl. She was on the catwalk so that would be REALLY HARD to make it all the way through, but ya know what, I’m trying. It’s my 25th birthday. Watch me.

“Excuse me, I’m trying to get to my sister.”
“Is she the blonde girl?”
“What? Uh no, she’s further… OH MY GOD HI I’ll stay here. Yeah, this is my sister!”

I guess Camille, Jenny’s daughter, saw me, which was PERFECT. I was able to stay put there with friends!

We were on the far side of the stage, but not too far from Mike.






It was a good spot honestly. And it was SO CALM there all night. I had no trouble dancing, and I was close enough to see the boys, thank goodness. Apparently that was not the case near the catwalk where Cheryl was. She said it was super rough there.

The Drunk Bunny was repping Oakland Coffee. How freaking perfect.

As Arturo walked past the barricade, he pointed at me and I smirked and waved. He definitely remembers me. Well, good. Cuz he and the rest of the crew are pretty much stuck with me now.

Know Your Enemy
Bang Bang
Revolution Radio

He’s still quoting Op Ivy, come on. I mean I love Op Ivy, but still.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Billie dedicated this song to the survivors in Florida.

Me: “Awww my homestate. They’re always struggling.”

He was talking about the hurricane survivors obviously, but I mean… my homestate is always struggling.


My entire plan leading up until this show was come dressed like a true birthday princess to get Billie’s attention and make it onstage. I brought a tutu, Cheryl bought me a crown, and I had a birthday sash. I had also imagined I’d be closer to the catwalk and actually on the barricade rather than second row. But because of the new job, I was 1) not in birthday costume, and 2) far right side of the stage and not on the barricade. So I didn’t even bother trying to get chosen. It might be my birthday, but honestly knowing I WORK FOR these guys is the best birthday present ever. Let someone else sing with them. I’m already happy.

2000 Lightyears Away
Armatage Shanks

“Fuck it, let’s play a really old one.”

Hitchin’ a Ride

When I Come Around
Welcome to Paradise
Are We the Waiting
St. Jimmy


Who is this random person Billie entrusted to play his beloved guitar Blue?!?!?! Just gets onstage and starts playing like it’s nothing. This is new.

King for a Day
Still Breathing

Forever Now

“I ain’t gonna stand in line no more.”

This song has come true for me in so many ways.

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia

I knew it was getting relatively close to my time to peace out, so I had security pull me out after “I Don’t Care.” I went to the big open space to the right of the stage to dance by myself. That was fun too.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

When this song ended, I slowly exited the venue to go back to work before the crowd made it impossible.

Good Riddance

I had already peaced out so I missed this song entirely, but apparently there were fireworks again. When a tour comes full circle in the strangest of ways…

This was the tour that changed things for me. It was barely a year ago when it all started, and here I am now, 21 shows deep, at the end of the era. And I ain’t gonna stand in line no more. This is where I belong, and this band has never let me down. And it feels really really great to know that.

Lindsay Marshall

One time I sneezed and Billie Joe Armstrong blessed me.

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