Lindsay’s Untitled Rock Mag is your source for all things alt. rock, by fans for fans. More than simply supply straightforward news and reviews from the scene, we aim to cultivate an interactive community among fans and celebrate the fan experience. It’s all about the love of the music.

Reviews that read more like a tour diary minus the actually being in the band part, new music, throwback music, music book excerpts, random listicles and music related stories, links to music podcasts, interviews with bands and music industry professionals, playlists, monthly album recaps, the occasional bit of news, and more is right here.

Shout out to the late great Steven’s Untitled Rock Show for inspiration in the name department.

Unsure of where to start? How about with this reminder that you belong.

Who’s Lindsay?

I guess you don't get to see my face today. That's unfortunate because my hair looks like fire. Feel free to imagine me as a phoenix-haired fairy princess. I’ve been asked on multiple occasions (in many different contexts) what instrument I play or if I work in the music industry. While the easy answer to that is no, unfortunately I’m musically challenged, my English degree lends itself to starting an online rock mag if nothing else.

Why would people assume such things about me? A little luck and a lot of willpower has somehow put me in midst of the rock world. It seems like 90% of my friends are either musicians, work in the music industry, or I’ve met on music related adventures.

If anyone had told 14-yr-old Lindsay the things she would see or do before her 24th birthday, she would have died of massive heart failure. From befriending the members of one favorite band to watching another get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame firsthand, I’m running out of things left on my bucketlist. I like to think I’m living proof that magic is real and anything is possible, and I never waste a chance to remind others of that as well.

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