3 Gigs: Jesse Luscious

Bassist of California-based punk band Tsunami Bomb Dominic Davi has a podcast entitled 3 Gigs. He sits down with musicians (and occasionally performers of other varieties as well) and asks about their best gig, worst gig, and first gig.

East Bay Punk Rock Legend Jesse Luscious sits down and talks about his first band, Nun In A Honda, playing a high school talent show with a controversial song about his guidance counselor. How three shows freaked out an entire college campus. Growing up in a political household, and using punk rock as a platform.  How punk rock has aged and why it continues to evolve and survive. The particulars of EMO. The ongoing battle of Punks versus Nazis. How the best show he ever played was a just a giant prank his band played on an entire audience for a farewell show. How the worst show ever was either the one he never got to play…or the one he got to play with Green Day and Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Find out more about The Pathogensfacebook.com/thepathogens/

Check out the rest at https://www.3gigspodcast.com/episodes/

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